Frankl's Vienna


These places have special significance in Viktor Frankl's life and can still be visited today.


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Czerningasse 6 / 2nd District

Frankl's birthplace and home from 1905 to 1942 (memorial plaque on housefront).


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Kleine Sperlgasse 2C / 2nd District

Highschool, dubbed "Sperlaeum" by students. Another well known graduate was Sigmund Freud.


Steinhof Hospital
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Baumgartner Höhe / 14th District

Frankl was head of Pavilion no. 3, also called "Suicidees' Pavilion", from 1933 to 1937.


Rothschild Hospital
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Währinger Gürtel 97 / 18th District

Former grounds of the Rothschild Hospital. Frankl was head of its neurological department from 1940 to 1942. Today the place is taken by the buildings of the Wirtschafts­förderungsinstitut (Chamber of Commerce).


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Mariannengasse 1 / 9th District

Frankl's home from 1945 to 1997 (Commemorative panel on housefront).

The VIKTOR FRANKL CENTER is housed next to the Frankls' apartment. It offers seminars and a VIKTOR FRANKL MUSEUM.


Policlinic Hospital
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Mariannengasse 10 / 9th District

Frankl was head of Neurology from 1946-1971.

The building is not used as a hospital any more; the historic front has been preserved.


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Central Cemetery / 11th District

Gate 11, Old Jewish Cemetery
(Left 20 meters, then right 10 meters).


The "Rax"
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Rax Mountain Range / Lower Austria

Payerbach-Reichenau / Raxbahn / Bergstation / Ottohaus / Seehütte / Preinerwand
For many decades the Rax was Frankl's refuge and climbing resort .
(Reichenau/Rax: Viktor Frankl Straße / Several climbing trails are named after him).


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The following places and buildings were named after Viktor Frankl


Viktor Frankl Court
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Zirkusgasse 52 / 2nd District

"Viktor-Frankl-Hof": Municipal apartment house, built 1998 (commemorative panel).


Viktor Frankl Park
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Mariannengasse 10 / 9th District

The historically and architecturally interesting Poliklinik Auditorium, where Frankl lectured through four decades, was demolished in 2006 to make room for apartment and office houses. The municipality gave the name "Viktor Frankl Park" to the courtyard between the new buildings.


Viktor Frankl Trail
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Spitalgasse 2, University Campus / 9th District

The "Viktor E. Frankl Weg" leads through the grounds of the historic "Allgemeines Krankenhaus" (General Hospital) which now serve as a campus for the University of Vienna.