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XXVI Jornadas-Encuentro de la Asociacón España de Logoterapia:
Dignidad Humana y Retos de Nuestro Tiempo

Universidad De Deusto, Donostia - San Sebastián
Octubre 7 - 8, 2022

XXVI Congreso Argentino / VIII Congreso Iberoamericano de logoterapia:
Reencontrándanos desde el Sentido

Faculdad de Psicología y Psicopedagogía de la Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires
Octubre 20 - 22, 2022

The crisis of the concept of Man: Finding lost ideals
Online discussion on occasion of the Moscow Institute
of Psychoanalysis 25th anniversary
Discutants: Svetlana Shtukareva, Alexander Batthyany
May 18, 2022 | Watch Stream

New Books

Tetsuo Okamoto:

The clinical philosophy of V.E.Frankl
Educational theory in the view of homo patiens

What is the response of Frankl's philosophy to history? This is the latest compilation of Frankl's research, which argues that it can promote a shift in the perspective of human development from the understanding of human beings as Homo patiens, and renarrate the "ethics of education" for overcoming nihilism.



Alexander Batthyany:

Viktor Frankl and the Shoah: Advancing the Debate

This book explores the intellectual and political biography of Viktor Frankl. It focuses on his life and works and political thinking from the late 1920’s to the years in Nazi-occupied Vienna, and finally the time in the concentration camps Theresienstadt, Auschwitz, and Dachau. It presents new archival findings on Frankl’s involvement with the Austrian Zionist Movement, his attempts to sabotage the Nazi “euthanasia” program, and his scathing critiques of the NS-Psychotherapy school around Göring and his students, published during the years before Frankl’s deportation.
The book addresses recent attempts by the author Timothy Pytell to portray Frankl as a “fellow traveler” of the Nazi regime and corrects the fundamental errors and misrepresentations in Pytell’s work. It thus offers important perspectives on the intellectual history of ideas in psychology and existential psychotherapy, and serves as key material on the development of psychotherapy before and during the Holocaust.

Elisabeth Lukas, Heidi Schönfeld:

Psicoterapia con dignidad

Dra. Elisabeth Lukas, una de las primeras y más cercanas discípulas de Frankl, y la Dra. Heidi Schönfeld, alumna de Lukas, cuentan sus experiencias en el campo de la logoterapia. A partir de casos verdaderos y de los comentarios profesionales que los acompañan, los lectores podrán convencerse de los beneficios de esta forma de psicoterapia de la mano de dos de las mayores expertas en psicoterapia del mundo.



Tom Edmondson:

Faith Greater than Our Challenges - What the Apostle Paul and Viktor Frankl Can Teach Us about Difficult Times

The year 2020 brought about a totally unprecedented experience for humanity: a worldwide pandemic. Life as we knew it changed almost instantly. We found ourselves quarantining at home, wearing masks in public, and using large amounts of hand sanitizer and disinfectant. As the months dragged on and the search for a COVID-19 vaccine continued, social distancing began to feel like solitary confinement, the rising death toll from the virus made the future feel very uncertain, and the US Presidential campaign made us feel more divided than ever. Was there hope to be found? In Faith Greater Than Our Challenges, Rev. Tom Edmondson offers a message of hope based on the apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians and the writings of Viktor Frankl. Though separated by nearly two thousand years, both faced certain death--Paul in prison, Frankl in concentration camps. Despite such dire circumstances, each one in his own way affirmed that life--even under the most extreme difficulties--has meaning. More than this, both Viktor Frankl's and Paul the apostle's words of encouragement have the power to inspire hope and patience to us during this time of pandemic.