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Viktor Frankl:

Psicoterapia e Existencialismo
Textos selecionados em Logoterapia

Psicoterapia e existencialismo é uma seleção de textos de Viktor Frankl, publicados durante as décadas de cinquenta e sessenta. O intuito do próprio Frankl foi selecionar seus escritos fundamentais para a compreensão dos princípios da logoterapia e suas aplicações práticas.
Kindle edition

Pam Roy and Moira Hummel:

The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor E. Frankl
A 21-Day Reflection Book About Meaning

Meaning is unique to each individual. It cannot be given; it must be discovered. Using powerful quotations direct from the source - but contextualized for life today - The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor E. Frankl  will lead you on this journey. Through reflection exercises that help you put your life in perspective, it will guide you toward making the shifts necessary to live a truly meaningful life.

Timo Purjo:

The Spiritual Capabilities of Viktor Frankl's Logotheory:
Guidelines for Successful Application

The book is about human spiritual capacities that Viktor Frankl presents in his philosophy and their applicability to the daily lives of all of us.


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