5th International Congress on Logotherapy & Existential Analysis


Valencia, Spain | September 9 - 12, 2020





New Books

Viktor E. Frankl:

Le thérapeute et le soin de l'âme
(Ärztliche Seelsorge.)
Dunod/InterEditions, Paris 2019

Frankl's seminal book "The Doctor and the Soul" is now - after 73 years - available in French.

L'ouvrage fondamental de Frankl est maintenant - après 73 ans - disponible en français.

Michael Holzer & Klaus Haselboeck:

Viktor Frankl - Mountain and Meaning
(German edition)

In the mountains, Viktor Frankl was »just Viktor,« as his wife Elly put it. Not an exceptional alpinist on the side, but a true friend of the mountains, with heart and soul.

Michael Holzer and Klaus Haselboeck trace Frankl by climbing the routes named after him on the Rax, Peilstein and in the Dolomites.

Viktor E. Frankl:

The Doctor and the Soul
Newly reissued in trade paperback; Vintage, NY, 2019


Viktor E. Frankl (Alexander Batthyany, Ed.):

Es kommt der Tag, da bist du frei (Japanese)

Shinkyo Shuppan has published a Japanese translation of this anthology of papers, lectures and letters from the early months and years after the end of WW II. (German original)


Stephen J. Costello:

Applied Logotherapy. Viktor Frankl’s Philosophical Psychology
Foreword by Alexander Batthyany




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