New Books

Ivo Studart Pereira:

Tratado de logoterapia e análise existencial
Filosofia e sentido da vida na obra de Viktor Emil Frankl

O autor Ivo Studart Pereira explicita e analisa nesta obra a existencia e a relevancia do pensamento filosofico de Viktor Emil Frankl a partir da demarcacao de tres dominios de investigacao: mundo, ser humano e Deus. De forma que e possivel compreender o pensamento filosofico frankliano nos campos da etica, politica, ontologia, epistemologia, antropologia e religiao.

The purpose of this study was to systematize Viktor Frankl's thought, through a philosophical approach to the totality of his work. The author, Ivo Studart, analyzes in depth the three main pillars of Frankl's thought: his philosophical anthropology, worldview and the question of God.

Maria Ángeles Noblejas de la Flor y Gerónimo Acevedo Rocca:

Aprendiendo A Vivir Con Sentido

Los autores nos ofrecen una reflexión sobre la persona situada en el marco de la logoterapia de Viktor Frankl. La pregunta por el sentido de la vida encuentra aquí algunas importantes respuestas.

Maria Marshall & Edward Marshall:

Care and Consolation: The Doctor Who Saved Lives

This volume features the dimensions of Viktor E. Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis--also known as the Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy--after Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis, and Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology. Based on an extensive review of literature in the English, German, and Spanish languages, it details the historical encounters that have shaped the inception and development of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) and the main tenets and principles that are at the base of its applications.

Pam Roy and Moira Hummel:

The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor E. Frankl
A 21-Day Reflection Book About Meaning

Meaning is unique to each individual. It cannot be given; it must be discovered. Using powerful quotations direct from the source - but contextualized for life today - The Inspiring Wisdom of Viktor E. Frankl  will lead you on this journey. Through reflection exercises that help you put your life in perspective, it will guide you toward making the shifts necessary to live a truly meaningful life.