Exhibition at Saint Petersburg

The Viktor Frankl Center Petersburg presents the exhibition "Say Yes to Life". Lectures, workshops, and discussions about the application of logotherapeutic tenets on individual life situations will accompany the event.

September 3 - October 2 | St. Petersburg, Russia


OPA! Creating Meaning in your Life with Alex Pattakos

On episode 23 of the Chicago Psychology Podcast, Scott talks with Alex Pattakos, Ph.D.

Alex is a founder the Global Meaning Institute, a think tank with bases in Canada, Greece, and the USA. Scott and Alex discuss his career trajectory, starting in medicine and mental health in US Army and Chicago, his meeting with Viktor Frankl, and how this changed the course of his work from smaller systems change and innovation, to a grander scope of working systemically to spark meaning in the world.


New Books

Viktor E. Frankl:

Es kommt der Tag, da bist du frei [Japanese]

The Tokyo-based publisher Shinkyo Shuppan has produced a Japanese translation of this title. The book is a collection of papers, lectures and letters from the early months and years after the end of WW II. [ > German original ]


Stephen J. Costello:

Applied Logotherapy. Viktor Frankl’s Philosophical Psychology
Foreword by Alexander Batthyany

Maria Marshall, Edward Marshall:

- Prisms of Meaning: Unconditional Meaning in Unavoidable Suffering

Marshall/Anthropology_E    Marshall/Anthropology_S

Edward Marshall, Maria Marshall:

- Anthropological Basis of Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy

- Bases Antropológicas de la Psicoterapia Centrada en el Sentido